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Starting your own meditation group is something that is hugely helpful for not just your meditation, but also the meditation of those around you. You see, service is an intrinsic part of meditation, and the best service you can do for others is to help them to progress on the spiritual path. This type of service brings about a type of progress in others that is of a more permanent nature.

We can train and support you in running your own meditation group on a weekly basis, and ensure that you get inspiring spiritual speakers and experienced meditators to help your group.

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We have a range of inspiring speakers and experienced yogis who are available to give a talk in your local area. Get your friends and acquaintances inspired to try meditation. Topics include:-

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Ananda Marga is a charity, and we rely on donations to do what we do. A regular gift can help us to teach meditation free to even more people and enable them to feel the peace and focus that meditation can bring

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The easiest way to get involved is simply to start meditating yourself. Every great journey begins with a small first step, so why not book an appointment to learn mediation for free and see where it leads.

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