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There is a yogic saying "If you want to do something good, do it today, if you want to do something bad - put it off until tomorrow". We offer a simple, free, no strings approach to starting your great journey right away. 



1. Whats in it for me?

Meditation has many proven scientific benefits from stress relief to greater sense of purpose and well-being. Its probably the most natural thing a human can do.

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2. Our Meditation and  Teachers

Ananda marga meditation is a scientific process taught by qualified teachers. No mumbo-jumbo - we'll present you the facts and encourage you to question.


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3. What's the Process?

Complete a quick and painless online form. This will get routed to a qualified teacher who will respond to you and arrange an appointment to meet. That's it! No hidden fees or hoops to jump through - the only thing you need to learn meditation is a human body.


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